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During a recent Interview by Embrace Magazine, Head Chef Mark was asked a few questions about his work in the kitchen.

MARK loves his job in the kitchen and particularly likes to experiment. He shares some of his favourite moments.

What type of food do you enjoy cooking? I don’t think you can beat a great Sunday roast: British beef, roast potatoes and all the trimmings, finished off with a classic apple crumble and fresh custard.

And what type do you find the most difficult? I would love to learn more about authentic Indian cookery – not the dishes served in the take-aways, but real Indian food. I hope at some point in my career to spend some time in India learning about their food.

Have you had any hairy moments in the kitchen? One that springs to mind would have been during the summer, on a fully booked Saturday night, when the whole of Whitwell found itself without electricity. In the kitchen, if the electricity goes out, the gas is cut off as well. We had to light a BBQ outside the kitchen, and the diners weren’t the only ones spending the evening over candlelight!

Do you cook at home/in your own time? What kind of food do you cook? As many chefs will know, when you spend all day cooking, the last thing you want to do when you get home is cook, so you can’t beat the traditional beans on toast!

How have customers’ tastes changed over the years, do you think? Gone are the days of kitchens serving frozen meals from the microwave. Customers are now more interested in knowing what they are eating and where it has come from.

What would you cook if Gordon Ramsay came to your restaurant? Anything he wanted!

What’s your ideal job? Running The Noel of course!


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